Automotive Industry Symposium on ATSC 3.0 Videos

Next-Gen TV Auto Symposium

Madeleine Noland, ATSC
Welcome to a Brighter, Faster Future

Sam Matheny, National Association of Broadcasters
Ramping Up with ATSC 3.0 – An Overview and Use Cases for Automotive Beyond Next-Gen TV

Umair Hussein, Red Chalk Group
Why Next-Gen TV and the 5G Myth – Understanding the Economics and Training

Dr. Jong Kim, LG/Zenith
If It Plays in Korea (A Showcase)

Anne Schelle, Pearl TV
Kevin Gage, ONEMedia/Sinclair
Jeff Kaelin, Avis Budget Group
Crossing the Finish Line with ATSC 3.0 – Automotive Test Results

Mike Luby, UC Berkley
Automotive Use Case Demonstrations

Bryan Biniak, Connected Travel and John Moon, Honda Innovations
Automotive Use Case Demonstrations

Marla Durtz, WDIV
Poised for Victory