Key features resonating the most with consumers

Enhanced audio, interactivity, and ease of technology upgrades are strong differentiators of NEXTGEN TV for manufacturers and retailers, according to recent research conducted by Magid.

The research tested a new NEXTGEN TV marketing campaign, finding:

The marketing campaign began in November 2020 and ran through the holiday season in five U.S. TV Designated Market Areas, with local TV stations airing spots declaring that “the future of television has arrived.” The campaign, created by Hothouse in Atlanta, grabbed viewer attention and sent many to explore more information on

Consumers especially found the upgradability of the technology and new audio functionality to be very attractive. The Dolby Audio System with immersive movie theater quality sound and Voice + dialogue enhancement for consistent volume from channel to channel along with the interactive possibilities of NEXTGEN TV were key drivers for these consumers.

Covid-19 also impacted the rise of internet-connected TV in the past year by broadening its appeal to viewers as they spent more time than ever on connected TVs, with an increasing desire for more options and interactive content – aligning well with NEXTGEN TV’s key features:

  • Voice + dialogue enhancement for intelligibility and clarity that lets you hear every voice clearly;
  • Consistent volume from channel to channel;
  • Upgradable as new services are rolled out over time;
  • Interactive content that lets viewers get the most out of news, sports, and events.

NEXTGEN TV concept and new marketing campaign resonate strongly with consumers

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