ATSC has produced an explanatory video that explains the full capabilities of the ATSC 3.0 standard, the IP-based system designed to bring together broadcast with broadband content sources.  You can download the video from this link on the ATSC website.

For Broadcasters

NEXTGEN TV Deployment Map

NEXTGEN TV Deployments


See current NEXTGEN TV market deployments by city, from


Host Station Manual

Host Station Manual

The Host Station Manual is a resource, based on experiences in the Phoenix Model Market, for stations that have been designated as a host for ATSC 3.0 broadcasts.

What’s New:

  • Update – Used proper CTA reference notation for “NEXTGEN TV”
  • **New – The number of ATSC-3 Services Signaled Simultaneously
  • Update – Advanced Setup Details in Additional Advanced Setups for Subsequent Years
  • Update – Broadcaster Application and RUN3TV Framework
  • **New – Configuration of Three Particularly Important Signaling Attributes
  • **New – Resources for IMSC1 Closed Captioning
  • **New – Configuration of Three Particularly Important Signaling Attributes
  • **New – Transmission Antenna Polarization in NEXTGEN TV
  • **New – NEXTGEN TV Receiver Overview
  • Many other corrections and updates to many sections with editorial, word-use, formating, spelling and content corrections.
SFN FIeld Test

Single Frequency Network (SFN) Report

The Single Frequency Network (SFN) capability of next-generation television can help TV broadcasters greatly enhance robust reception of broadcast TV signals, according to the latest field trials of SFN technology recently completed as part of Phoenix Model Market testing.  Download the 2021 report, below.

Explanatory Video

This short explanatory video provides more information about why collaboration will be key for the transition from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0, with an easy to understand explanation of how channel sharing might work in TV market.

Summer 2020 Webinar Series

Summer 2020 Webinar Series

Based on the experience gained during the last two years of operating the Phoenix Model Market Station, this series of webinars will provide instruction to help station and technology management personnel in converting local markets to next-generation TV, powered by ATSC 3.0.

Webinar recordings are available below and are only for broadcasters and tech partners. Please message us at for password information.

For CE Makers

Television Fast Track Program

Fast Track Program

The Television Fast Track program will give TV manufacturers an easier, faster and more cost-effective process to introduce NEXTGEN TV-compatible products. The platform includes MediaTek’s latest SoC and iWedia’s leading-edge NEXTGEN TV software stack and is pre-certified for compliance with the Consumer Technology Association’s NEXTGEN TV logo requirements, A3SA Security, and the RUN3TV Application platform.


NEXTGEN TV Television Receiver FastTrack Program with MediaTek

Pearl TV and MediaTek launched “FastTrack to NEXTGEN TV,” a program to accelerate and streamline the path for adoption of NEXTGEN TV technology by consumer electronic makers producing smart TVs and related devices at volume. Manufacturers interested in the effort should contact us:

NEXTGEN TV Receiver Upgrade Accessory Device FastTrack Program

NEXTGEN TV Receiver Upgrade Accessory Device FastTrack Program

Pearl TV has developed a FastTrack program to accelerate development and consumer deployment of low-cost upgrade accessory receivers that can bring NEXTGEN TV features to consumers watching sets not equipped with NEXTGEN TV technology that do have an HDMI input.

The program seeks to provide support to accessories manufactures interested in making devices that support the full NEXTGEN TV service feature set – enhanced video, audio and the interactive features that will bring more content and modernized viewing guides. To aid manufacturers, detailed requirements are listed in the latest version of the Upgrade Accessory Product Requirements Document, which will be continuously updated.

In addition, the FastTrack program will help accelerate the availability of devices for consumers by guiding device makers through the NEXTGEN TV logo and other conformance requirements, testing, and opportunities for distribution and marketing partnerships. Companies interested in participating in the FastTrack program should contact Pearl TV at:

For App Developers

Visit for more information about the NEXTGEN TV web platform.

For Consumers

Get the latest news, listing of cities and broadcasters offering NEXTGEN TV, and a comprehensive roster of receivers at